Dee Tuck | 2021 The Root 100

Dee Tuck helped create a hiring database featuring creatives of color so that it’s easier for Hollywood players to diversify their workforce.

In May, director, writer and producer-extraordinaire Ava DuVernay tweeted a Wired article that profiled Dee Tuck, who was hired by her company ARRAY back in November. DuVernay shouted Tuck’s praises for creating an inclusive hiring database called the ARRAY crew that the major Hollywood decision-makers can use to bring more people of color into the workforce. The database that Tuck coded has provided a solution to the problem that executives pretend is too hard to solve when diversifying their workplaces. No longer can they claim that they don’t know where to find Black creatives or women to fill open positions. They’re all right there in ARRAY’s database, thanks to Tuck. Her work is a testament to innovation and leadership at work and also a result of what happens when Black women are given the chance to flex their skills in fields that are associated with majority-white faces: They get things done.

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