On Your Radar: Ava DuVernay Highlights Aamina Gant

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You might say that music supervisor Aamina Gant was born knowing how to pick exactly the right song for exactly the right moment. After all, Gant, whose father Dean was a songwriter and keyboardist, came of age literally looking up to musical legends, often toddling around parties where luminaries like members of Earth, Wind & Fire mingled in the room. “Music has never not been a part of my life,” she says. “I was in the studio with my father, six or seven hours [at a time], falling asleep listening to music.”

Yet for all Gant’s bona fides — her background also includes singing background vocals, as well as stints in music management, booking and publishing before her transition to TV and film in 2013 — it was her work ethic that earned her the top music supervisor spot on several projects by producer and director Ava DuVernay. Gant started as an assistant to the music supervisor on DuVernay’s Colin in Black and White (Netflix) but that soon changed.

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